Alexander Nicholas | By Alberto Baez
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By Alberto Baez

AB Color DunkA friend told me about a gym she had been going to called Epic Hybrid training. She was realizing amazing results so I decided to buy into an online class special deal they were currently offering. At that time I had no intentions of re-upping on classes since the gym was completely out of my way. Three years later and now 3,000 miles from the nearest Epic Hybrid gym, I still find my way back to the occasional class.


I had no idea the impact Epic and Alex were going to have on my life. A year removed from a serious shoulder surgery when I joined, with the help from Alex and the other trainers I was able to return to the best shape since my college playing days.


But it was more than just the amazing routines that had me coming back. I got to meet Alex a few sessions in and the impact he’s made in my life has been immeasurable. He embraces the role of a mentor, not just to his trainers, but to his students also. He finds a way to push many us of pass what we believe our limits are, not just in class but also in life.


Two memorable stories. During the very first trifecta weekend in Hawaii, I made a comment to Alex “I don’t think I can physically do all three races in two days, I’ll just go and do the long one” his response in a kidding but not really way “Al, you’re going and you’re doing all three races or go find a cross fit gym” I went and I did all three races and it changed my mind set as to what I’m capable off. Second memorable event is the Vermont Spartan Championship, a race that took me 8 hours to finish, I ran into Alex mid way at the toughest point of the race, A 1/2 mile loop up a mountain with 120lbs SB carry where many had dropped off the course. He stayed with me, motivating me the entire way up. That’s the type of individual Alex is.


I’m glad to now call Alex a friend. He’s made an enormous impact in my life with his mentor-ship and what he has built with the Epic Hybrid training community who are now some of my best friends in life. Hope he continues to inspire many more people the way he has for me.


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