Alexander Nicholas | By Brett and Lindsey Pelton
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By Brett and Lindsey Pelton

We met Alex for the first time in our very first class at epic hybrid gym, bent over, green in the face. But really…we met Alex almost 3 years ago when we joined EPIC. The gym was conveniently located across the street from our apartment. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but needed a change in our workouts. After our first class we thought we were going to die and after our month trial we were hooked.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.05.13 PMAlex is different than any coach/trainer we’ve ever had and we’ve had quite a few. He is somehow, incessantly positive. Never pushing just to push, always pushing us to where he knows we should and can be. Outside of the coaches at Epic, no other trainer we’ve ever had has gotten down on the floor to do burpees with us. He doesn’t just coach us but he participates beside us in the gym and during races and motivates us throughout. He has fostered a feeling of community and family in his gyms, unlike anything we have ever seen.


In the past we had done personal training and many different types of workouts together. It was always a chore. It was something we did because we knew we needed to lose weight not because we enjoyed it. We would switch from one thing to the next. Alex has changed what working out means to us. It is the time we look forward to everyday. It takes priority over many other things in our lives because we want to be there. He somehow makes it extremely difficult and fun all at the same time. That is something we have never experienced before.


There have been many moments within the last 3 years that we realized Alex was changing our lives. Not only did he help us change our bodies tremendously, but he has changed our lifestyle. We are more active and willing to try new things. We have new interests and ways to enjoy live together. One of the most memorable moments with Alex was when we did burpees at our wedding together (wedding gown and all). This will always stick with us because it just shows how ingrained working out has become in our lives.


Alex means a lot to us as a coach and friend. Watching him help people reach their goals is motivating and inspiring. He is someone to look up to and we feel very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with him. Receiving training from him will 100% change your life for the better.


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