Alexander Nicholas | By Bridget Handler
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By Bridget Handler

The very first time I attended a workout at EPIC, my trainer happen to be be the owner and main coach Alex. I had just started working out, for really the first time in my life, about 7 months prior, and I was intrigued by the gym known for different workouts every day. Alex kicked my ass that very first class. He pushed me to do more than I thought I could, and made sure I knew that I could keep getting better and to not get discouraged. That is a wonderful trait to have in a trainer. Still to this day, now over 2 years later, he pushes me to do more t11218957_10206338152286097_5282466518369047769_nhan I thought possible, and I gets results from him doing that. He, and all of his trainers at EPIC, will always make sure my form is correct, and they will modify any workout move to make sure it’s working for my body. I do work with other trainers in class, and they push me, but not like Alex does. I have a love/hate relationship with his classes. I love them because I know I’m going to be pushed to my max, and end the training feeling like I completed inhuman feats of strength. I hate them though because, well because they really kick my butt into high gear, and I don’t get a second to rest. That’s what a trainer is supposed to get a person to feel like afterwards though. I always seem to find myself signing up for his class the very next day, so the hate never seems to last too long.
Since he first started coaching me I have made huge strides in my athletic capabilities. The first class I took with him, I couldn’t even hang fro
m a monkey bar for more than a few seconds, let alone traverse them. Now I can traverse the monkey bars and the rings, and I almost have the rope climb down too. I’m now doing things physically I never thought possible for me. I can jump on bigger boxes, do a pull up, complete a real push up, and so many other things I can’t even list them all. Before Alex became my coach I would not even try certain things because I knew I would fail. Now, however, I have to try everything I can because if I fail at it, it makes me try harder to succeed. Failing isn’t an option anymore in my mind.


The fact that people I have known for most of my life, now consider me athletic, will never cease to amaze me. I feel so much stronger physically and mentally than I ever have before. It feels like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I just have to not give up. I feel so blessed to have tried that very first workout at EPIC and to have had him as my trainer that day because since then, I never give up.


Recently I went on vacation down in Florida, and was able to workout with him at his new EPIC facility down in Miami. One of the stations during the workout was to get a 15lb medicine ball (25lb’s for guys) over this high pole. If I missed, I had to do 5 burpees. Alex noticed that I was making it every time and I wasn’t pushing myself too much, so he then went to the other side of the pole, and rolled me the 25lb medicine ball to get over to him. The 1st time I threw it, it didn’t go anywhere near the pole. He rolled it back to me, and said try again. The 2nd time I threw it, it got closer, but still not over the pole. The 3rd time I tried, after more instruction from him about squatting into the throw, I made it. We high-fived, and he told me he knew I could do it with a huge smile across his face. The fact that he had me forgo the penalty burpees, in order to get me to advance my skills, is what makes him one of the greatest trainers I’ve ever had. He knew I could do it, and wasn’t going to let me not complete something he knew I could. He did the same thing with me during a Spartan race at the Stairway to Sparta obstacle. I asked him for a boost to get to the top of the wall, so I could then climb the rest of the way. He refused, and forced me to do it myself. I was getting frustrated, and just wanted to get that obstacle done with, but he wouldn’t let me give up. He knew I could do it on my own, and he made me prove it to myself. Get up and over that wall I did too. Knowing I did it on my own, was a much greater feeling of accomplishment, then if he would have just caved and helped me out. That is one of the great things about him. He doesn’t give up on you, and he won’t let you give up on yourself either.


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