Alexander Nicholas | By Ippolita di Paola
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By Ippolita di Paola

IppolitaAlex’s own desire to train smart, have fun and be challenged while becoming the healthiest and strongest version of oneself is practically written on the walls of the 2 alternative boutique EPIC Hybrid Training gym locations in New York City. During my own difficult journey of a complete life transformation–quitting smoking and partying, cutting out beer, pizza, bagels and pasta, throwing myself into every intense workout I could as my new outlet for stress and anxiety, and learning how to fuel my body and feel good with clean foods–I found EPIC Hybrid Training, and met Alex.


What started as a groupon deal to try some Spartan race training run classes, became weeks, months, and now years, of always coming back for more classes with the best coaches, team races, and team celebrations because Alex envisioned and built something truly special at EPIC:

  • Everyone who walks in the door is 110% welcome no matter what your fitness level, body type, or knowledge base is.
  • Everyone at EPIC partners with someone through every grueling station that supports and pushes you to succeed, building a tight knit community station after station, class after class, race after race.
  • Alex always has fun while coaching, and it shows! And it’s contagious–you can’t help but have fun too which is why we lovingly say we “suffer with a smile” at EPIC.
  • Alex believes in people’s capacity for greatness and will quickly assess what makes a person tick and start motivating them along that line, so without even knowing, you will be working harder to impress him, yourself and whoever or whatever else is most important to you.
  • He surrounds himself with the best and you will quickly work towards being the best, learning all you can about your body, movement, nutrition, functional fitness, interval training and obstacle racing, making you a smarter and healthier human, and realizing you too can be an athlete. That’s how I went from a personal weight loss journey to building the physical and mental strength and agility of an athlete, personal trainer, and now Coach.


It’s a rare success story but with the right personal motivations and coaching, you can see amazing changes within yourself–leaving doubt behind, becoming unstoppable, realizing your potential and excelling at anything you put your mind to–Alex is is a master of the mental game and who better to teach you to take that control.


There’s a few particularly poignant things Alex has said and done that I will never forget in my athletic journey from novice to athlete to coach: “You can slow down but never stop. It’ll be that much harder to start up again” (This one has made me a much better racer and it’s a great motivator that I share as a coach). Alex will stand and run alongside you station after station, obstacle after obstacle until you accept and embody his demands that you push harder–and you will amaze yourself when you realize he was right and there was more gas in your tank, you just had to dig deep and call on it. His impressive athleticism and coaching success with other top race finishers is constant motivation to keep hustling and that there is no top, no plateau to accept–you can always get better and keep working towards something for a lifetime of strength, health and happiness.


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