Alexander Nicholas | By Marcelo Gleiser
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By Marcelo Gleiser

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 3.44.22 PMI met Alex about 2 years ago during a 4-day workshop dedicated to Spartan racing. At that point I was a runner of modest ability, ignorant of the physical and mental demands of obstacle course racing. No upper body strength or knowledge of what it takes to succeed in this fast-growing sport. Those four days were deeply transformative to me and to everyone else lucky enough to have been there. Alex wasn’t just the lead coach, he was a mentor-coach, someone who sees his trainee as a whole person, with individual strengths and needs. He coaches your body, but he also coaches your mind and soul.


After the workshop, Alex coached me remotely for about one year, sending me weekly personalized workouts. The result? Under his firm and passionate guidance, in two years I became one of the top-ranking open racers of the Spartan world community. At 54, I changed the way I exercise, the way I eat, and my entire outlook in life. Very few, if any, coaches can lead someone through such a deep transformation. Alex is one of them, a coach with an iron fist and a heart of gold.


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