Alexander Nicholas | By Peter Nagykery
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By Peter Nagykery

When fitness is nothing more than a physical journey, we fail to grow as individuals. Many push themselves to escape, to get away from insecurities – never recognizing they carry their fears along this path.


PeterAs our bodies grow, so must our minds. In time, the physical challenges give way to the existential – and we are faced with choices. Do I continue this physical euphoria or do I accept the challenge to develop myself? One may lead to a good athlete, another a better person.


With Alex, one will always find themselves pushed to be better. There is no theme beyond this though; it is up to you to discover yourself, your flaws and your perfections. It will hurt, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be lost; then you may grow, or find yourself repeating history in new lights until discovering the changes that are right for you.


And, it works across a fascinating range – from people overcoming fears of dirt and grime to surfacing people’s bottled-up emotions and conscious. I’ve been fortunate to observe, and experience, those who could not cope; sometimes our demons are buried because we cannot face them – but if you are prepared to try, even if you fail – you will grow in the environment Alex has cultivated.


Anyone can join a gym and lift weights – but how many gyms, how many trainers allow us to lift ourselves?


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