Alexander Nicholas | By Stephanie Spitz
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By Stephanie Spitz

Alexander Nicholas: His Impact On My Life


When I joined EPIC, I was a Pilates and spin enthusiast (an instructor in fact). Climbing ropes and traversing monkey bars was the last thing I’d ever think I’d find myself doing for exercise. I met Alex when he was coaching one of the first EPIC classes I’d ever taken. I was beyond intimidated by him; knowing that he was the owner of the gym (the guy I saw on the website homepage!), and everyone in my Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.51.10 PMclass seemed to know him already. (Also, I was the only girl in class that day with a bunch of huge, muscular guys…that made for interesting beginning.) Right from the get-go he made me feel comfortable. He was pushing me and cheering me on to not give up. He even partnered with me at certain stations since I was the odd “man” out. I’d never had a coach that made me laugh while I was in class. And if you know me at all, laughing is what I do best. (If I’m not having fun, it’s not worth doing.) I instantly felt comfortable and knew that I’d enjoy going to EPIC. It was as if I’d known him for years when in fact it was minutes. By the end of my first class with Alex, I realized that I had found someone special, someone that can motivate me and push me to do my very best. And he still does to this day. That was the moment I knew Alex and I would be great friends.

I was right. Alex and I have grown very close since I started going to the gym almost three years ago. He first saw me as a tiny woman who was unable to lift more than a 20 pound sandbag, to being one of the first people to meet my son who is now 8 months old. After being a member for only two months I had successfully been able to traverse 5 monkey bars without falling … and getting the callus’s to prove it! I learned how to properly do burpees (CHEST TO THE GROUND!) and got over my fear of … well everything! All of that I owe to Alex. He has truly become part of my family, as have a lot of the members at EPIC. Without Alex’s energy, EPIC would be just an ordinary gym. Both my husband and I owe a lot to Alex for the people we are today. I think what has made our relationship so special from the beginning, is that I feel like I have a big brother. He is someone who can really coach me and give advice, but also be a friend and a shoulder to lean on.

His coaching was what pushed me over the edge to mentally tell myself “I can do this.” He never let me give up. I am stronger than ever before and am continuing to work hard on maintaining that strength. I recently received my SGX certification and look forward to being able to bring that drive and enthusiasm to other people that I never would’ve had the confidence to if it weren’t for Alex’s coaching.


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